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, big cuts for a leaner military. so right now defense secretary chuck hagel is testifying before the senate armed services committee, defending cuts to the army and the marines. hagel also told lawmakers, martin dempsey spoke with his russian counterpart today. he urged russia to show continued restraint in the days ahead to show a diplomatic solution. >>> secretary jack lew answers questions on the president's 2015 spending plan. >>> same-sex marriage supporters are riding a wave of momentum. according to a new "washington post"/abc news poll, 50% believe the constitution's guarantee of equal protection gives gays the right to marry. this coincides with attorney general saying gay couples can apply for marriage licenses, even though same-sex marriage doesn't become legal in that state until june. in kentucky, democrats split on the issue. steven bashir said he is hiring outside attorneys to defend the state's same-sex marriage ban. >>> coming up, president obama calling on governors to call for backup when it comes to raising the minimum wage. we'll be talking to connecticut's g
a lot of specifics. take a listen to him on "morning joe." >> you really didn't hear much of a defense of why isn't this president doing more. he says he's got the power of the pen, power of the phone, why isn't he doing more to create good-paying jobs in our country? >> your response? >> you know, we've had 51 months of job growth in the private sector since president obama took office, and we've seen the unemployment rate go down to below 7%. president obama this week announced two manufacturing institutes that he awarded, thanks to his initiative, because congress isn't being at all helpful because of republican obstructionism. the president is focused on whatever he can do to continue to get this economy in a more robust posture and the republicans are welcome to help. he's extended his hand to ask them to work side-by-side with him to do that. they seem to be continued to be immersed in their tea party civil war and doing everything they can to stop him from helping our economy make progress. it's really sad. it really is. it's unnecessary and, you know, we are here, ready to work
this issue, all this from michael sam, the missouri defensive end who came out and is now expected to be the first openly gay professional football player, then there's jason collins, he came out in may. that's right, after 67 years from when jackie robinson broke baseball's color line in brooklyn, collins broke basketball's identity line in brooklyn. these athletes, these moments, i don't think they are just an uplifting aside to the political story, they are one of the drivers to the politics here because the historic discrimination of gay americans often left the nation unaware of so many great gay americans. from sports, to pop culture, america has more gay friends today than it's ever known before. joining us now to look at this, sarah kate ellis and dana liebelson. what do you make of the events and whether there's something bigger happening than just a veto in arizona? >> hi, good morning. i think what's happening, now gay people are a part of the american values system and we're included and i think we're seeing that in the south. we saw that in arizona, and we're seeing th
. meantime, defense secretary chuck hagel is advising caution. >> this is a time for careful, wise, steady leadership. the tensions increase, and i think all nations have to be very careful here of not promoting anymore tension through provocative actions. >> joining me now from the white house, nbc's peter alexander. here in studio, nbc political analyst jonathan alter. good to see both of you. first to you, peter. we know the white house briefing was cancelled because of weather. we also know there is plenty going on inside the white house as it relates to ukraine. what do we know about the options they are considering there? >> obviously, we know secretary of state john kerry will be dispatched to the center of this crisis, ukraine, kiev specifically. over the last several days, senior administration officials, the president, have been involved in communicating and trying to get everybody onboard and united. g7 nato leaders, european allies. as a senior administration official described to us right now, as the u.s. considers this sort of economic assault on russia right now, in the word
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4